Identifying Hard Foods to Avoid Pain After Your Root Canal Treatment

A successful root canal removes both a tooth and the associated roots. Dentists fill in the canals with an inert substance to ward off infection and other decaying processes. After your procedure, you need to be gentle with the area by selecting specific soft foods.

Initially, focus on a liquid diet that allows the nutrients to flow into your digestive system instead of tempting you to chew the items. Less stress on the teeth will give the area time to heal.

The easiest food to avoid during your recovery is items with bones. Fish, poultry and other meats can often have both small and large bones hidden within their structures. Select meats that are tender or boneless, such as chicken nuggets. Because meats tend to be chewy food choices, you may want to avoid them altogether anyway.

If you like to eat crunchy foods, abstain from this habit for at least a week after your procedure. Nuts, hard cereals and other crunchy items will certainly hurt your teeth while possibly damaging the healing area. Soft foods should be your goal during recovery.

The cold feeling of ice in your mouth might sound soothing, but it will actually increase your pain sensations. Don’t crunch or suck on ice so that your mouth can have a normal environment for healing. In fact, abstain from alcohol and spicy foods too. Your root canal treatment will be over soon, and you’ll be able to eat normally once again.

If you feel like your sensitivity levels are extremely high after this procedure, contact your dentist. The discomfort should slowly dissipate rather than build in intensity. In most cases, your treatment will heal without any issues when you avoid hard foods that irritate the gums.


Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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