Learn about Dental Bridges and Their Benefits to Your Oral Health

Whether you lose teeth in an accident or to poor oral hygiene, it’s important to fill in those gaps. You might be familiar with dentures, but these components are normally meant for a large group of missing teeth.

Dental bridges, however, allow you to replace two or three teeth with a smaller component. Although you might be wary about choosing between dentures, crowns and bridges, there are many benefits to the bridge components.

Smile Transformation

Your smile might appear uneven, and eating any foods is awkward. With one bridge installation, the missing teeth are instantly replaced while supporting the adjacent ones. In general, most bridge recipients have few problems with their teeth after the procedure as long as proper oral hygiene is practiced.

Preventing the Shifting of Teeth

You might shrug off the fact that you need dental work, but a bridge is more than just a smile-enhancing component. If you allow a large gap in your teeth to persist, your remaining teeth will shift. Bridges fill in these gaps so that your original teeth can remain in place.

A Permanent Solution

Your original teeth and bridges benefit because of the installation strategy. When the bridge is added into your mouth, the teeth on both sides of the installation become abutments or supports. The bridge has a permanent support at this juncture, which makes it almost like real teeth.

Ideally, dental bridges fill in the gaps where only a few teeth are missing. You’ll feel like your entire mouth is complete with the bridge in place. Chewing, speaking and drinking will all be easier when you have the bridge installed. In the end, your smile will also benefit with beautiful, straight teeth.


Bridges and partial dentures

What Are Dental Crowns And Tooth Bridges?


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