How to Protect Your Teeth After a Root Canal

After a root canal, an individual could experience some discomfort. Some people might feel more pain than others as they are more sensitive to pain, or the dentist had to get farther into the canal during the procedure. If there is a serious and recurrent infection, then the pulp inside the tooth may need to be removed, and the pain from the infection felt is often immediate.

Once the procedure is complete, there isn’t any more maintenance that needs to be provided, but you should take proper care of your teeth to prevent cavities and breaks. Brush at least twice a day and floss between each tooth. A mild mouthwash can also be used. Pain medication can be prescribed after a root canal. If you aren’t in severe pain, then an over-the-counter medication can be taken. A cool compress can be placed on the side of the mouth to help relieve some of the pain felt.

Unless there are limits set by the dentist on the foods that can be consumed, then you can enjoy the most foods that you like; however, you might want to avoid foods that are sticky as they could pull out some fillings or be difficult to remove from the teeth when brushing and flossing. If you have sensitivities to sugars, then sweet foods should be avoided.

Try to avoid hard foods right after the procedure. Consider eating soft foods, and try not to drink out of a straw for about 24 hours after a root canal. This will help to prevent any kind of bleeding that might take place after the procedure.


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