Expectations Versus Reality: The Truth About Root Canal Misconceptions

Popular culture tends to perpetuate several misconceptions about root canal procedures. Fortunately, a root canal is nowhere as bad as cartoons and television shows make it out to be. With that in mind, here are several dispelled root canal misconceptions:

How can root canals be not painful?
Many people think root canals are painful. The truth is that the pain is mostly because of the infected tooth, not the actual procedure itself. During the procedure, your dentist will be using sedatives, making the entire procedure a pain-free experience.

How are the advancements in anesthesia able to completely nullify the feeling of root canals?
There are now more options when it comes to anesthesia. You can take a pill the night before the procedure and when you get to the office so that you are sedated. There are gases that can be used to relieve anxiety instead of the dentist needing to put you to sleep for the procedure.

Is it okay to stop taking care of your teeth after a root procedure?
No, it is not alright to stop taking care of the teeth after the procedure. Doing so significantly increases the risk of having to come back for another root canal! You need to brush and floss on a regular basis, at least twice a day, so that there isn’t any bacteria that builds in the mouth.

Would teeth that have undergone root canal require another one if not taken care of?
If the tooth becomes damaged or is not cleaned properly, then a second procedure might be needed. However, if the damage is severe enough and there isn’t much of the tooth left, then it could be extracted instead of the dentist performing another root procedure.


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