Root Canal: Houston Dentist Helps You Get to the Root of the Problem

People hear the words root canal and freak out, imagining a painful process, but in fact, these treatments relieve the pain. The process has changed over the years, and is no longer as terrifying as originally perceived because the dental science and materials are now superior.

Hot Cold Sensitivity Sign

Symptoms can be numerous and vary, depending on the cause, but your mouth will generally feel uncomfortable and painful to hot and cold foods and drinks. You might develop warm, red gums around the suspect tooth and even notice a small red bump near the tooth. The entire tooth area will feel sensitive. These are common signs that your tooth has been compromised.

Make the Call Now

Dentists will advise  to make an appointment immediately if there is tooth pain so your exam and x-rays can determine where the problem is coming from. Ignoring the aching pain around a suspect tooth can cause an abscess to develop in some cases. That means bacteria has now infected the pulp. Your symptoms will increase to a throbbing pain, swollen area of the upper or lower jaw and even swelling along the neck glands. Sometimes the pain stops, which can fool you into thinking there isn’t a problem.

Root Canal Saves Tooth

Today’s procedures are quick, and you don’t feel the treatment, because you’re numbed effectively as the expert goes in to remove the diseased pulp tissue from the entire canal. Your dentist then disinfects the canals and pulp chamber with special antibacterial solutions. The area is protected with biocompatible filling materials and then coated with a special cement to completely seal, preventing future infection and pain in the tooth. After, you will need a permanent crown to restore the natural tooth.

Don’t Dismiss Decay

A decayed tooth is one that is badly damaged, either through a deep cavity, a cracked or broken tooth, as well as one that features trauma. The decay affects the tooth’s pulp tissue, which becomes infected or inflamed. Play safe, and get it checked out.



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